[OUTTA015] Mettakin x Cultivation x Baxtak – Middle Way

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Middle Way

Mettakin, Cultivation, Baxtak

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‘Middle Way’ is a three-way collaboration based on the idea of a balanced life as described in the Buddhist teaching of the Middle Path and conveyed through the voice of Himalayan reggae dub artist Cultivation and the riddim of Mettakin & Baxtak.The importance of moderation in a dynamic equilibrium state is key for the survival of any stable organism; as can be seen in the natural concepts of the Goldilocks zone, the Golden Mean, Super Symmetry, and even the act of dance.All proceedings from this track will go towards the rehabilitation of rural areas in Nepal as effected by the 2015 Earthquake.


released September 24, 2015
Vocals: Cultivation Muzik
Riddim: Mettakin & Baxtak
Artwork: Baxtak

Release: [OUTTA015]

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