Yantra 4.0 – Audiovisual experience w/ Baxtak, Assasi, Miraho & Sareena

January 3, 2016 At Nepal Art Council

Event Details

Date: January 3, 2016
Location: Nepal Art Council
Address: - Kathmandu
Website: http://www.ran.org.np/yantra-4-0/
Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/326961367474118/

Headlining the yearly tech-based art & science fair that happens in Kathmandu, Nepal, Baxtak joined forces with a team of visual artists for a giant 5 story audiovisual set at Nepal Arts Council, before a collaboration with Syrian rapper, Assasi, Nepal punk hero & bassist Serena (Yuva Ekta, Naya Faya, Kathmandu Killers, Rai Ko Ris, Tank Girl, etc.) and Polish anarchopunk rapper, Miraho. The collaborative performance focused on portraying the hardships of Nepali people during the 2015/16 Fuel Crisis, by using footage and sounds of interviews mixed with the live performance.

Full re-cap video to come in the future. Here are some snippets from Baxtak’s performance.

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