First Full Preview of Kermode’s New World EP

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Our boy Kermode will be self-releasing his new EP entitled ‘New World‘ on February 10th and it is set to take his already amazing sound to new heights. From the exclusive WIPs, previews and goodies we have heard, the EP is everything the hype makes it out to be. What you get is panelectronic melodic neuroglitch goodness that frankly does an amazing job of not sounding like all other neuro-based music you get these days. The first preview of the EP ‘Free Spirits’ is a bouncy yet friendly, heavy and vicissituous piece of work which embodies the soul and spirit of the Canada native Kermode bear.

Pre-order ‘New World’  and listen to Free Spirits and get into the cartoon-ish frantic mind-frame of the British Columbia ripper.

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