Guest Mix For Ajam Media Collective By Baxtak

Ajam Media Collective’s Mixtape series is back with a special guest mix from @Baxtak of Outtallectuals. Be sure to tune in and read the accompanying interview.

“This mix came to fruition as an attempt to use the Ajam platform to show artists who are critically and uniquely engaging with music that is often cordoned off into the “world music” sphere. Instead, Outtallectuals takes these sounds as influences to deeply connect with, rather than cliches to reproduce and slightly modify. To bring more context to this project, I had a chance to ask Baxtak, about the label’s past, present, and future.


Ajam: You often present music on Outtallectuals that would perhaps be classified as “world” or “ethnic” music in more conventional formats. How do you navigate the often sticky connotations that comes with presenting this type of music?

Baxtak: I suppose we try to find ‘world’ fusion music that has something to offer beyond just using ethnic sounds. There’s a very fine line between sounding fantastic and coming across cheesy. For this reason, we do our best to promote ‘ethnofusion’ music that blends the organic elements of world music and most up to date electronic production skills. ‘Ethnic’ elements are gateways to our ancient roots and they are best utilized when giving growth to new branches and leaves, while the electronic elements represent technological advancement. The plant metaphor works perfectly to explain this; the deeper the roots, the stronger the foundation, and the higher the plant will go, opening new and lasting horizons. We basically try to be the Sequoias, rather than the weeds.”

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Mix Playlist:

[00:00 – 00:34] Cultivation – Lhasa Dubplates (Intro)
[00:00 – 03:04] Bwoy De Bhajan – Gypsy Otters of New Orlasia
[03:04 – 06:16] Subaqueous – Invoking (eO remix)
[06:16 – 07:25] Yokai – Jukai Forest
[07:25 – 09:33] SPCZ – Amal
[09:33 – 11:11] Salook – Luxor
[11:11 – 14:30] Martins Garden – Aurora
[14:30 – 17:30] Seven D – Mutable Fire
[17:30 – 19:54] Amin Payne – Indian Spice
[19:54 – 22:36] Radioactive Sandwich & Globular – Lengo
[22:36 – 23:16] Green Lantern – Bhangra Bounce (Interlude)
[22:36 – 24:52] Fakear – Damas (Pouvoir Magique Remix)
[24:52 – 25:30] Ethnicalvibes feat Sitarsonic – Bairavi Art Beat
[25:30 – 27:06] Emuin – Swans in the Dark
[27:06 – 30:10] Celt Islam – Borderless World
[30:10 – 32:50] Amin Payne – Arabian Dust
[32:50 – 35:10] Mind Over Mayhem – Bangladesh
[35:10 – 37:47] Amin Payne – Ramzy The Pimp
[37:47 – 42:00] Baaroot – Essence (نهاد)

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