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Ethnoeight is a free sampler compiled by Outtallectuals that tries to capture the theme and sound of Middle Eastern music in the form of the Trap electronic sub-genre. This EP is in a partt of the Outtallectuals research for omni-dimensional music that manage to fuse music from different backgrounds in new ways, and educate people about the music from other parts of the globe.

released September 12, 2014

Ethereality Vol.2

This Winter solstice, following up with the theme of outer-worldly and ethereal music, we present to you Ethereality Vol.2.: 11 tracks with artists from Australia, Canada, France, Iceland, Russia, Norway, UK and USA to warm you up in the coming winter months.

Track list details:

The album starts off with a minimal juke/footwork crossover by Bitter Bees ♡, leading into the cold-hearted unique electronic jazz of Feverkin with fantastic vocals by Bijou. The Jazz spirit is taken forward in the form of two electronic/hip-hop tracks courtesy of Amin Payne feat Doc Mastermind, and Koresma with bars from Sir Bishop. Slowly raising the tempo into 100 BPM, the organic guitars and winter vibe are carried forward into Azedia’s beautifully chilling music. Going close to extremely cold music, next track is a collective work of three amazing artists from City By Night Records being Skywide, Izzard and Soular Order. Increasing the tempo into the 130’s, next one is another instrumental jazz based composition by Mitrxxx, getting the mood ready for some smooth chillstep in the form of Qelaion. The album continues with an epic post-rock/electronic fusion from Ben of the Universe, before a cold scandinavian future garage / chillout gem from Nyanara and the closer melodic glitch from Amfir.

Frontiers of Progression

The second compilation album released by the Outtallectual Collective. With this album, we will be showcasing music from a range of genres, producing sounds that challenges the current boundaries of harmony; 11 tracks from Australia, USA, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Nepal, Italy and Canada.

Starting up with Sawtooth, Kameronessi and Yokai, respectively we have metal, psychedelic and ethnic dubstep, followed by a trip-hop contribution by Hexus. Kromatic and Baumeister demonstrate different perspectives of future garage and SoundPalette taking us to a mix of moombahsoul and and trap music. The album carries on with two vocal tracks by Keeplove and Cultivation with folk and reggae enfused dub. Kappah provides us with a psychedelic instrumental hip-hop tracck and we finish off with Mo’Reza’s 6/8 ethnic electronic experimental.

Ethereality Vol.1

The third compilation album released by the Outtallectuals. With this album, we will be showcasing music with ethnic, outterwordly, ethereal and cosmic themes; 11 carefully chosen tracks from Canada, Haiti, Iran, Nepal, New Caledonia, USA and UK that are pushing the boundaries of their genres and creating exciting new prospect for music.

Organic/electronic cinematic fusion music by Kameronessi and Slow Machete, deep ethnic dubstep by Kermode and Zenstep and Koyö, ethnic trap goodness by KoeFlvxxx, Egyptian inspired dub by Luxor, mid-tempo psychedelia from Aubin Ni, cosmic-scaled dubstep by Seven D, Tibetan psydub by Cultivation and Kontinuom and instrumental forest inspired music by Lozenge of Lack.


Debut Outtallectuals release, released on the numerically and conceptually pleasing date of 11.11.11. Originally, this album was intended released on the earliest version of the Outtallectuals website, and since 2013, it has entered the realm of Bandcamp. Songs come in a variety of styles but there’s a general theme of glitchy IDM music to be heard.

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