Outtallectuals: Ethereality Vol.1 (2013)

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11 carefully chosen tracks from Canada, Haiti, Iran, Nepal, New Caledonia, USA and UK that are pushing the boundaries of their genres and creating exciting new prospect for music.

Organic/electronic cinematic fusion music by Kameronessi and Slow Machete, deep ethnic dubstep by Kermode and Zenstep and Koyö, ethnic trap goodness by KoeFlvxxx, Egyptian inspired dub by Luxor, mid-tempo psychedelia from Aubin Ni, cosmic-scaled dubstep by Seven D, Tibetan psydub by Cultivation and Kontinuom and instrumental forest inspired music by Lozenge of Lack.

Artwork by Outtallectual artist Mujura.

The third compilation album released by the Outtallectuals. With this album, we will be showcasing music with ethnic, outer-worldly, ethereal and cosmic themes.

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