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Baxtak (stylized as Баxтак) is an experimental project that started in the UK in 2011. The project aims to find a border-world between experimental and classic, noise and melody and form and chaos by mixing up electronic and live samples. Another aim of the project is to encompass as many musical styles as possible while staying authentic to its own sound.

The first Баxтак EP ‘Rootology’ is a collection of sound experimentations from 2011-2012. In 2013, the artist then went on to be featured on the Outtallectuals ‘Frontiers of Progression’ compilation, before getting his own release in late 2013 with Isis: Ception of the Humanoid. Baxtak was later featured in the Outtallectuals collaborative Equinox EP , and the Geotropism & Dhawa Sunrise compilations and his current plans include the release of an EP by the end of 2016.

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