Outta in Bhutan

Outtallectuals is a hybrid music label, established in the United Kingdom in 2011 and is now comprised of a large network of +40 international artists. With focus on roots-based and future-thinking innovative music, Outtallectuals have had over 45 releases and dozens of shows and presentations in the UK, Nepal, Switzerland (Blackout Festival), Hungary (Ozora Festival), Portugal (Boom Festival), India and Bhutan (Bhutan International Festival).

While we are open to music in any ‘standard’ genre style, we often look for the most well-executed experiments, the conceptual story sounds, or the ones with something important to say. As a result, words like ‘rock’ or ‘deep house’ are secondary definitions in our vocabulary and transcriptions such as avant-garde, conscious, ethereal and ethnofusion music make up our dominant narrative.

In other endeavors, Outtallectuals aim to move beyond music releases and have previously taken part in TEDxBathUniversity 2012 in the form of a science / art presentation, curated and organized a portion of the first ever Bhutan International Festival in 2015, partook in audiovisual political performances at Yantra 4.0 in Nepal, and most recently, used funds from a fundraiser music album to carry out rural rehabilitation for those most affected by the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. This trend of our development work aims to grow in the coming years with every project, bringing sustainable development to the forefront of our activities.

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