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This episode of SFTOD takes a different turn as we uncover that getting lost in merging genres solely for the purpose of omni-dimensionalism can be damaging to the soul of the music; rather it should be a naturally occuring process. We will be introducing to you an upcoming artist, show evidence of their brilliance in written format, top it up with an interview and welcome them to the Outtellevision YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy this one with Baumeister.

As a result of the recent post-whatever revolution in music and the emergence of a lot of interesting underground musicians, the electronic scene is undergoing a major redo. The competition is more about experimentation and individualisation of sound a lot more than a standard drop. This is exactly what Baumeister is about.

One thing that’s lovely about his music is that you can name it pretty much anything from a huge list of genres, be it made up or not. Trap, Future Garage and Bass music might be words used often in the scene these days but what we are gonna do here is go through Baumeister’s original SoundCloud catalogue and give you a low down of what makes it special. You ready?! Rewind to ten months ago….

The complex rhythmic structures of Infinite are reminiscent of the footwork sound of Chicago; also can be described as Trap on amphetamine percussions. The next bunch of his tracks Trapped, Wassup and Faceless experiment with more genres but manage to stay loyal to establishing the Baumeister sound.

The Dreamgazing sound seems to take a more mature stance from this point on in his catalogue. By the time you get to No Other One, you are definitely far far away from anything earth and living. This is a track layered more than an eskimo in the winter or a pass the parcel session in a full stadium. Truly unique. I think even Baumeister knew that by this point the sound he had developed was worth an EP and that is exactly what followed on So Much Future Records.

Other tracks such as his rework of Runaway/Salem are as ambient as trap can get and still be appropriate for any epic moment of your life, i.e. proposal, birth or death of a loved one or simply watching the sunset somewhere in the Alps. Even in the most serene of mountain vibes, he managed to bring out the real grime of being attack by a weed-bearing bear or reefer-hunting Sasquatch in his remake of Blunt after Blunt.

There is something mountainside about the music this man makes. The fact that his SoundCloud mentions St.Gallen, Switzerland as his location and Google is easily accessible adds up to the scent of mountains; reminiscing that Burial style nature seclusion. Aside from the music making side of things, Baumeister proves to be a mighty hefty musician when it comes to DJing. He did a mix for Sublvl a while back which is available along with a few more here for you to enjoy.

So that’s probably enough rambling from our side, but before we have Baumeister himself answer some questions, here are some terms to explain his music. Ghost-juke for Ghosts, the Garages from Mario Kart’s Rainbow Roads for Absondence, Spiritrap for Mndfckd and Lovetrap for The Gates.

-O: We have suspicions that you live near or in nature as it seems impossible to write such cloudy tracks in a city or for example Hawaii. Is this true and do you consider it a serious inspiration?

-B: I live near by the lake of constance, which is a really awesome place to be, wether alone or with friends.. It's for sure a part of my inspirations..

-O: Is it possible for you to tell us a little more about yourself?

-B: I am 22 years old and make music since a pretty long time.. In my highschool times i played in punkband and then later i discovered hiphop and especially the beats there.. At the age of 18 i went to my first party in a club, this was the moment i realised, that i really enjoy electronic music and wanted to be a part of this scene.. I started producing and djing a short time later.. Since then there is pretty much no day without electronic music in my life...

-O: Where d'yu think music is heading? Do you believe in Omni-Dimensional (genre crusher/unifying) music?

-B: I'm not a big fan of this genre discussion.. To me, my music is some kind of bass music.. sometimes like hiphop.. sometimes more like garage or dubstep... For me it's important that there are some deep vibes and lots of bass in my productions..

-O: Do you use any natural sounds for your compositions or mainly synthetic?

-B: It's not that i always use natural sounds.. But i love to put some strange and unusual sounds in my productions.. For example; Kitchenstuff, or metal noises... Often i get some field recordings and such things from friends.. I rarely do them by myself.. But i think it's a really cool way to put some more deepness in your music...

-O: Some of your tracks could definitely take another turn with vocals and music videos, can we expect anything like that?

-B: At the moment there are no special plans like that...

-O: Is there any chance of you doing an Outtaletual Podcast in the future?!

-B: For sure, this should be no problem ;)

This was Baumeister. Find him on SoundCloud, Facebook, Resident Advisor and Outtellevision.

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