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PartyWave – Tokes [ShadowTrix Music]

Taken from ShadowTrix Music’s recent compilation, PartyWave’s new banger stands leaning 120 degrees back, fuming meditative carcinogens out like fire extinguisher bursts out of a dragon’s nose. This that mega snail-pace fvded inc. hard hitting smoker anthem you want to trip the fuck out to this January, and there’s no doubt about that.

Sonia Calico – Fish Dish [Muti Music]

The Taipei bass empress Sonia Calico released this tune as a part of an EP with Muti Music, premiered through The Untz and I gottta say, I’m super-impressed. It’s from the same breed of music made by artists from the flourishing Asian scene (Guzz, Lofimaker, Howie Lee, etc) and it packs as much heat as these artists are trailblazing right about now. If this one is proof enough, Sonia Calico is definitely one to watch out for this year.

ASADI – The Law of Attraction

The official ambassador of Persian trap music brings down genre barriers once again while politicians try to make walls to stop such fusion. Sound and composition-wise, this is Asadi through and through, and you will instantly recognize the style if you are familiar with his music. There are a few nice tricks up this track’s sleeves, especially those double time ‘tonbak’ breaks bringing the essence of Persian dance music in, before falling back in the trap. Pretty nice stuff again from the man, albeit slightly streamlined in the signature execution.

Vlien Boy – El Chaval (Trapchata Edit) [Worldwide Exclusive]

This is the most fun track I heard this month and I’ll be sure to play it at the first opportunity. It is basically Latin EDM at its best; the groove, bass weight, production and vibe is perfect for anyone trying to channel their inner heat-seeking floral-shirt-wearing cigar-chomping Havana-rum-guzzling beach bum… or just to jam to something that’ll bring a smile to their bassface.

Do Hits – Year of the Rooster [VA]

The premium Far Eastern collective hit out this month in celebration of the Chinese new year of the rooster, with tracks from all your favourite artists from this scene. Appropriately, the music samples a ton of Chinese traditional music, as well as heaps of rooster sounds and result? Well it’s part hilarious, part cute, part indicative of the local vibes, and most importantly, part amazing music. Some of the standout tracks include tunes from Jason Hou and Lofimaker really moving beyond the novelty of Chinese beat music and making beautiful music, and Damacha doing some insanely unique post-trap pre-juke mellow heavy next level experimental tribal bass music.

Jason Hou – Sheng

One of our favourite producers of the Do Hits realm, Jason Hou, came out with this full length, encapsulating all dear sounds of the Chinese beats realm. This is authentic beat music, with each track covering a topic, ranging from universal breath, forest vibes, cyberpunk futuristic vibes, and post-apocalypse space. The overall sound is somewhere between, Thriftworks, Culprate, Howie Lee, Justice, The Algorithm and cinematic film scores, and equally as wide as that range sounds, there is a brilliant sense of continuity and style throughout. Definitely, recommended for those digging the Far Eastern beat realm.

Abstrakt Sonance – The Beginning

A new artist discovery here in the deepest style of tribal dub by Abstrakt Sonance. The Beinning is an appropriately titled song which truly evokes that cave-dwelling smoke-signalling pre-linguistics form of chanted communication. This is basically what would have happened if we accidentally discovered a subwoofer instead of fire, and it’s an alternative universe that I’m happy to consider living in.

SuDs – The Fall

SuDs’s The Fall from his new F. Society EP is a minimally-executed yet multi-layered riddim, created by the holy binding of heavy 808s, squelchy wubs, violins and an orchestra of percussion hits. It’s a particularly unique take on the psy-trap sound and the thoroughly ventilated and spaced out soundscape really stands out for its spacious and well-sculpted construction.

Globular – LUCA Unfolding

Released as a donation-based fundraiser for migrant / refugee relief, Globular channels an equally meaningful feeling in the sonic composition of this release, crafted something unmistakably Globular-sounding and evocative. It’s barely noticeable that it’s a 9-minute track as it really zones you into a focused state. That’s that medicinal mindful influence of Globular’s music, but you won’t find any age restriction, side-effects and dosage limitations here.

Yestegan Chay – YO! [Visionary Shamanic Records]

Taken from Visionary Shamanic Records’ recent Bass Temple compilation featuring a formidable ethnostep / devotional dub roster, Yestegan Chay’s YO! stood out due to its sheer production quality, and being able to really encapsulate the essence of psydub. Slowly-evolving and fast-evoking melodic goodness in an amalgamated world sound that owes as much to polytheistic Indian devotional music as it does to the monotheistic Abrahamic ones in the Middle East. Anyone who digs this oughtta listen to the whole compilation as there’s definitely more heat in there if you dig this vibe.

Corinda & Afrotura – Aso (Dub) [Offering Recordings]

A truly hypnotic poly rhythmic and highly dynamic track which utilises what’s being called a ‘spheric soundscape’ as manifested through a deep forest Afro-House format. Everything about this release stands out; the well- panned and meticulously clean mix, the thumping and unique evolving groove and the natural atmosphere.

Shika Shika – Mara Insularum [VA]

Released on the day that Trump became the leading global shitbag, the fantastic Shika Shika collective came out with this compilation with a message of hope and borderless resistance. The music is mostly stuff of absolute delight, covering a wide varieties of Americana music. The standout song on the album is Deela’s slow tribal forest rave offering with a highly textural and cinematic soundscape, as well as Coconutah & Kaygee’s cumbia-inspired Okilomba.

Pigmalião – Chamada Aos Povos

Pigmalião’s brand of deep organic slow techno is always captivating and with Chamada Aos Povos, he meets the expectations that he has risen. Bouncy basslines meet a highly atmospheric and psychedelic etherealm which is quite unlike other techno, psychedelic or atmospheric music. Stellar!

Nicola Cruz – Danza De Vision / Rio Branco

The South American-decent France-born gone-back-to-roots Ecuador resident giant in the slow techno realm is back with a new EP which highlights his prestigious place within the scene. Danza De Vision is a perfect Andean-themed deep tribal jam and Rio Branco is a both fast and slow overload of bubbly vibes, and both tracks are enriched with the endearing night cricket sounds, wandering percussion hits and tribal vocal chops; impressive productions with enough warmth for vinyl playability and re-playability.

Auntie Flo – Soniferous Garden (Radio Edit) [Sofrito] {Stamp The Wax Premiere}

This is one of those submissions that gets credit beyond the purely sonic criteria, and tops the list with effort for authenticity. Auntie Flo recorded organic elements of this track including a Senegalese Sabar Drum, a 10-string Ugandan harp and vocalists, Hakim Kiwanuka, Giovanni Kremer Kiyingi and Mama N’Dieck Seck Thiamhe during a festival in Kampala, Uganda. It’s always refreshing to see artists going the extra mile and utilize every situation to acquire fresh recordings and for this, we salute Auntie Flo.

Kora – Fragile [Earthly Delights]

Here’s your dose of top-notch deep house for the month, taken from When We Dip’s channel, and showcasing the talent of Kora through the new Earthly Delights imprint. This is deep trance-inducing music suitable for anything from dark Berlin clubs to sunny beach resorts, and introspective solitary candlelit sessions to full moon party sessions.

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