Outtallectuals is a hybrid art brand formed in 2011, with focus on the concept of cross-disciplinary fusion and mainly specializing in innovative music, spiritual art and modern nomadic culture.

Our current projects span from the Outtallectuals net-label, music blog, forum, photography and illustration gallery, one-off collaborations (comic, presentation, etc) and live music events.


We focus on creating and finding the non-existing intersections of music:

 – Genre-bending fusion of styles
– Incorporation of ‘ethnic’ elements
– Other undefinable musical wizardry


We are a community, organically growing for over 4 years:

 – Interdisciplinary artist collaboration
– Co-sharing and support of artists
– Medium for education and inspiration


We seek those who see art for its knowledge beyond entertainment value:

 – Supporting spiritually-guided artists
– Spreading the message of oneness
– Emphasis on lyricism and good-thinking

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